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Baby Showers . . .

A Baby Shower, Baby Footprints, Clay Impressions...
...there's so much for Baby at Color Me Mine!

Host a Baby Shower at our studio at Park Place Mall or your location!
Have a shower and paint gifts for the Baby on the way and for the room. A tea set, piggy banks, picture frames and more. We can host the shower in our party room or bring it to you! Just give us a call. We can customize your baby shower!

Hand print and Foot prints in Paint!
Color Me Mine has so many cute ideas and samples to turn your little ones hand, foot and tushy prints into a great gift. Flowers, reindeer, hearts, butterflies are just a few ideas! Our staff will help you create a special platter, mug, picture frame, cookie jar and more.

Clay Impressions
A clay hand print or foot print impression will last forever. Those fingers and toes do not stay that little forever. Just call to make a reservation so that we can have the clay ready for you and your little one. Impressions are $25 and $35 depending upon the size and include the studio fee for returning to paint.

Clay impressions are a 2 step process. Once the impression has been made, it is 2 weeks til your impression can be dried and fired. Come back at that time to paint it. We will glaze and fire it again. It is ready to be picked up in 5 days!

Call to make a reservation for impressions at 790-1100.

Color Me Mine, Park Place Mall, 5870 E Broadway #260, Tucson, AZ , Tucson, Arizona 85711 - 520-790-1100
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